Chat (Intelligence) Bot

A clever chat-bot that we provide as a generic service module in order to serve various business workflows which make it easier for any business domain (e.g. travel, ecommerce, logistics, property/real estate, etc) to adopt our chat-bot services into their existing application services/platforms. Our chat-bot is enhanced with an automated workflow engine service that can be customized and/or adjusted with corresponding to our specific client needs.

Our chat-bot is able to answer almost all of your customer's arbitrary questions while at the same time able to detect your customer's intent (a.k.a. `intent-classification`) to deliver any business intention into the corresponding business workflow as defined within our workflow engine.

Data Analytics

We provide various data visualization framework to help you on learning about your business data in an easy way.

We strive to keep it simple yet easier for anyone to interpret their existing data for gaining more business insights before taking any business decisions. These could includes:

  • Data visualization tools
  • Real-time data processing
  • Customizable dashboards and reports
  • Integration with various data sources (e.g. CRM, IoT devices, social media platforms)


In today's competitive landscape, building and maintaining strong relationships with customers is essential for business success. That's where our CRM system steps in to revolutionize your approach to customer interactions. We believe that CRM is not merely a software solution. Instead, it's a comprehensive strategy designed to help businesses nurture meaningful connections with their customers at every touchpoint (i.e. omni-channel).

Our CRM system serves as the backbone of this strategy. Seamlessly integrating data, processes, and communication channels to streamline the operations and drive growth. So, what are you waiting for ? Discover the transformative power of our CRM system and take your customer relationships to new heights. With intuitive features, robust functionality, and unparalleled support, we're here to help you succeed in today's dynamic market.

Asset Managements

Effective management of any assets is critical for long term success. Today's asset management demands better strategies and tools to address maintenance challenges.

Our Asset Management product utilizes various methods at different stages of asset lifecycle management from planning, acquisition, utilization, maintenance, and disposal while dynamically link to life-cycle costing and strategy through inspection of actual events as recorded by our internal audit trail module system. All of these events are useful for the business stakeholders on taking a decision based on the life-cycle view of an asset.

Inventory Management

Say goodbye to the headaches of manual tracking and tedious spreadsheets - Our streamlined platform offers seamless control over your entire inventory. With real-time tracking, advanced analytics, and customizable features, you'll optimize stock levels, reduce costs, and increase operational efficiency like never before. Stay ahead of demand with automated processes, accurate forecasting, and enhanced visibility into your stock. Our scalable solutions adapts to your business needs, providing tailored inventory management that drives opportunity and maximizes profitability.